In today’s internet landscape, Pinterest is a rising star. It is a platform that allows individuals and businesses to easily market their products and services to potential customers in a simple and effective manner.

There are a lot of key aspects and factors that affect Pinterest marketing campaigns and group boards are one of them. Group boards on Pinterest are like Facebook pages with followers and collaborators.

They are a great way to attract more views and potential customers and get more exposure than you would normally get. Any time you pin something in a group board, it becomes visible to every member and can drive a lot of traffic if your content goes viral.

However, a lot of people struggle at the very first step, i.e. finding good group boards, which is why we’re writing this guide to help you find the best Pinterest group boards.

#1. Using Pinference

There are two main strategies for finding the best Pinterest group boards. The first one revolves around using Pinference, which includes our whole network of tools and resources that are indispensable when it comes to finding  group boards that work.

Not only this, using Pinference takes the headache out of finding board owners, contacting them and trying to get in. We get you in all the boards you need at the click of a button you can hire us and we will work hard for you. You just tell us which ones you want or the industry you operate in and let our experts suggest group boards, which produce good value.  We will do all the work, do the research, contact the group board owners, show them why you will be a good contributor to their boards and we get you invited. Make sure never to spam the boards. Click right now to Check out our packages here

#2. Observing Pinners

The second, more tedious way to find Pinterest boards is to look at your Pinterest feed for pins that are doing well and have decent number of repins.

Now open up the profile pages of people who created those pins and look for the boards tab. Here you can look at the group boards those people are members of and then copy their URLs separately for reference.

Follow this for all the popular pins you see in your feed and you’re bound to find a good number of group boards.

Joining Group Boards

Once you’ve found the kind of group boards that are relevant to your niche and are good for joining, you will need to follow certain steps.

If you’re using Pinference, all you have to do is buy a package and get invited to boards you want. It is that simple and saves you all the time and effort involved in finding board owners and contacting them.

If you’ve found boards via the observation method, you will need to try and contact the board owner by commenting on one of their pins and requesting that they add you to the board.

Judge a group board before joining

Although group boards on Pinterest are a great way to market your business, you still need to be careful about which groups you join. For example, you might be a member of 200 group boards and constantly post high quality pins, yet you’re still not having any success. The important thing to keep in mind when joining group boards is how active the board is.

There are several ways to assess whether a group board is worth joining or not.

Observe the amount of repins and likes on pins posted on the board

Pinterest has a feature called the ‘smart feed’. It lets you see which pins are popular and have the most likes and repins. So even though you might post great content on that board, if the overall standards of the board are low, then your high quality will not matter. The smart feed will push everything in that group board down to the bottom of the search results. So make sure that the group boards you join and post on are active and of good quality.

To effectively use group boards for your advertising purposes, you should start pinning from that board in order to improve the overall quality of the board.

All that being said, Pinterest is definitely one of the best traffic sources for website owners, but the key is getting into group boards and that is what is made easy by Pinference. Browse our packages and save yourself the time and effort required to join group boards.

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