Real opportunities come by and leave, they don’t wait for anyone. I bought domains when people didn’t know what they meant. Nothing in the history of mankind grew more in value. This opportunity is simple and straight forward.

When you buy a franchise, this Franchise is a managed business. What you have to do for it is very minimum. All the rest is done by our in-house experts. We do provide you with guidance and training for you to add value but only if you want to, otherwise – all the work is done for you.

There are 5 Ways Franchises make money:

You will get percentage each time a person buys any course or group board package from your city. This includes the people you know and those you don’t know. You will get a higher percentage from people you know. As for people you don’t know, you will still get a percentage from any package they buy as long as they are from your city.

ImageMart: This is our one stop shop for buying highly targeted images for Pinterest. Every time any person who lives in your city buys an image from the mart, a part of that revenue goes to you.

Marketplace: Every time a product or service that is sold through the marketplace is bought by someone who lives in your city, a part of that revenue goes to you.

Pinference Meetups in your city: We will arrange a virtual or real world meetup of people who want to trade boards. You will get a percentage of any money made from these meetups.

Apart from all this you automatically join the program which gets 100 people to help you and you get access to 100 boards in 3 categories of your choosing.

Interested in getting a franchise? Let us know via the form below.