Pinterest is one of the most popular platforms out there and is a gold mine for people who know what they’re doing.

There are all kinds of Marketing agencies but we are the world’s first Marketing Agency, which is only for Pinterest Group Boards. It’s almost a well-kept secret among the top-tier webmasters and digital marketers, who have been making crazy gains from Pinterest.

Now, you can do the same.

Pinterest success comes from reach, and to gain reach you need to have the right content which is designed properly and provides value. Then you need followers and access to targeted industry related boards (which is a process that consumes a lot of time and money).

That’s where we, the world’s first Pinterest board agency, come in.

Our job is to work around the clock to help you get into as many high quality and targeted group boards as you want. We do everything, we write the copy, we find the contact details, we reach out and we guarantee results. You just make sure, you do not spam and your content is high quality.

You can’t possibly focus your energies on all this. You’ve got enough to do already – write great content, create amazing images and so much more to truly run your business.

We know what Pinterest wants, and more importantly, we know what board owners require. We know what to say, what works and we have built amazing relationships with some of the largest Pinterest group boards out there by providing them with contributors who only produce high quality relevant content according to the rules of the board.

Now all you have to do is hire us to work for you and get you into all these high-quality and targeted boards that produce results for you.

What we offer is driven by results and you’ll be able to gauge and assess them in real time.

Just $1,500 and we will help you get into 10 high-quality Pinterest boards (1 Month contract)

$2500 and we will help you get into 20 high-quality Pinterest boards (2 Months contract)

$5,000 and we help you get into 50 high-quality Pinterest boards (3 Months contract)

All the work is done by our own team – we do the outreach, we negotiate on your behalf and we get you in.

There is just one rule you have to follow. Don’t spam.

As long as you do that, you should be able to generate amazing returns on your investment.

We’re only taking up a limited number of clients at this point, so if you’re interested, you should get in now.

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