5 Tips for Pinterest Marketing Success in 2017

Pinterest had been among the more underrated social networks for years but it’s starting to show it’s potential now as it attracts a wider user base and implements new changes.

Now in 2017, Pinterest is one of the most profitable sources of traffic for marketers, especially those who create top quality content.

If you’re looking for ways to make sure your Pinterest marketing yields amazing results, keep reading.

#1. Start targeting men

Marketers have long considered Pinterest to be a platform to target female audiences. However, the latest numbers show that there are over 25 million male users on Pinterest.

men high fashion clothes

This means there is a relatively low-competition audience segment which a lot of marketers are ignoring. You can tap it by creating top-notch content for men and sharing it on relevant Pinterest boards.

#2. Optimize images for Pinterest search

Pinterest recently overhauled their search functionality and made search results within the Pinterest user interface more relevant.

Pinterest search wasn’t very good in the start but has come a long way since then. It shows much more relevant content now and that has increased the value of descriptions that you use for pins and boards.

pinterest search

Another thing people miss out on is image search optimization, for which you need to be particularly careful about the ‘Alt Text’ field when uploading images to your blog posts. The Alt Text becomes the default description of any image users will pin from your site.

Done right, this ensures that your content and images show up against relevant Pinterest searches.

#3. Take advantage of rich pins

Rich pins on Pinterest are a bit like search snippets you may have seen on Google. There are 5 different types of rich pins supported by Pinterest, these are:

  • Article pins
  • Product pins
  • Recipe pins
  • Movie pins
  • Location pins

These pins include more information than regular pins, for instance an Article pin will include a small intro and a headline for that post under the featured image.

pinterest rich pins

This is particularly useful in giving your content a unique advantage over regular pins.

Implementing rich pin data is fairly simple. If you’re using WordPress, the Yoast SEO Plugin allows you to add Open Graph data and then you can use the Rich Pin validator by Pinterest to ensure that everything is in order and simply apply for a rich pin. Pinterest also has a page with detailed instructions for Rich Pins.

#4. Buy Promoted Pins

Pinterest started advertising not too long ago and you can benefit from the Promoted Pins campaign and get your pins to show up in peoples’ feeds.

pinterest promoted pins

Pricing for promoted pins is relatively low and their conversion rates are good as long as you’re directing users to the right kind of content. If you’re interested in setting up promoted pins get instructions from Pinterest on starting your first campaign.

Get ready for buyable pins

Pinterest has been working on selling directly from their mobile app. This functionality will lead to Buyable Pins which will be great for people selling their products directly from Pins.

pinterest buyable pins

You can still give it a go if you use Shopify or you can sign up for the waiting list for Buyable Pins and Pinterest will alert you when they’re more widely available.

Visual Content is King?

Pinterest is all about visual content and that remains true no matter which strategy you use.

visual content pinterest

The good thing is that new tools have made visual content creation very easy. You can now get stock images very cheap and even free from a lot of places and then you have editors like Canva (again free) which can help create high-quality Pinterest images without the need for much technical knowledge.

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