8-Point Action Plan for When Your Blog Post Goes Viral on Pinterest

If you are lucky enough to have a post of yours go viral, you have the opportunity to milk it for everything it’s worth. You will know when a post of yours has gone viral when you start getting tons of notifications and re-shares for it. It can be a great feeling to know that something you created on your own has become so popular online.

Instead of simply basking in your new-found glory, you should take steps to ensure that you get the most profit out of your viral post, and that’s exactly what we’re going to teach you how to do.

#1. Proofread your post

When you know that a certain post of yours has gone viral, go to that post and proofread it thoroughly. Check to see if there are any mistakes in it, such as typos and bad grammar, broken links, or any other ways you can improve it. You can also try to increase the length of the viral post, adding in relevant information.

#2. Provide links to other posts of yours

You can take advantage of the fact that your post is getting a lot of traffic by adding links to other relevant posts on your site. You can add these links within the content itself, or you can add them at the end of the post. This will help direct your traffic within your website, increasing views.

#3. Spend money for paid ads after a few days

You will notice that your viral post is losing its popularity after a few days of it going viral. When this starts happening, invest some money to advertise the post on Facebook and other social media platforms.

If you are able to expose your post to people who haven’t seen it before, it is possible that the post might go viral a second time. If it does go viral, you can reap all the benefits that you already got when it went viral the first time. So it is worth spending a few dollars if it means that your post becomes popular again.

#4. Add a lead-generation form

If you don’t already have a form where people can put their email and other information, then make one immediately. You can also add a form to a specific post, that’s relevant to the topic of that post.

Format and edit the form to be visually pleasing, and more people will sign up with their email addresses. It might not seem important, but high-traffic and viral posts are the best when it comes to lead generation.

#5. Add Adsense and Amazon banners to your viral post

You can make a significant amount of extra money if you add Adsense and Amazon banners to the post that went viral. This will greatly increase the chances of people clicking on the banners, which will result in increased revenue.

At times, posts which go viral can generate hundreds of dollars a day when AdSense and Amazon ads.

#6. Re-post the viral post with new images

As recommended earlier, you need to use high-quality images with all Pinterest posts and there are a lot of free tools available online to do that. If one post goes viral, you can re-post it after the initial surge dies off but use new images to get it noticed again.

The ideal time is around two months before you re-post an article with a new image. This will also help you target new readers and followers who you may have missed the first time.

#7. Repeat what works

When a post of yours goes viral, it gives you a good idea as to what works and what doesn’t work. Use google analytics to see which of your posts have gotten the most views and try to replicate those kinds of posts by writing articles or making images similar to the one that went viral.

Another good idea is to write a ‘Part two’ of the post that went viral. In this way, you can attract the people who were attracted to your post in the first place.

#8. Request other groups and social accounts to share your viral post

When you know that a post of yours has gone viral, you should try to expand its virality by getting in touch with the owners of other popular pages and accounts that are related to your content niche.

Be polite and send a courteous message requesting them to share your viral post on their groups and pages. If you’re lucky, you will get a lot more shares.


When you have a post of yours go viral for the first time, you will experience a traffic surge which is likely to beat any organic traffic you usually get. The viral post also opens a lot of opportunities for more traffic generation and monetization.

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