Pinterest Group Board Benefits for Bloggers and Webmasters

The increasing popularity of Pinterest among marketers is no secret, and if you are unaware of the ways it can be used to boost traffic on your website, it is high time you looked into it.

An image based social media platform, Pinterest enables marketers to reach a large audience with high engagement rates. However, keep in mind that you cannot simply jump into marketing on Pinterest without first developing a detailed plan.

Pinterest offers users the option to “pin” content they find interesting or useful on boards – a pin is simply Pinterest’s term for an image or video that is posted. Whatever your goals are regarding Pinterest, there is one core aspect of the website that you need to master in order to use the platform successfully, and that is group boards.

Group boards are a key feature of Pinterest; these work like basic boards, but have the added advantage of allowing all group members, and not just the board creator, to pin content.

You can identify group boards by the group symbol next to the title of the board (grey icon denoting two people). The following are some of the advantages of group boards for your business, which will help increase traffic and/or sales.

  1. As it is, Pinterest is an excellent platform for achieving increased exposure and visibility. However, this visibility and exposure is greatly increased via group boards, and even more so when you invite a Pinterest user who already has a large following to join the group.
  2. Using a group board will immediately and drastically increase the number of followers that you have.
  3. Group boards bring people together and create a sense of community.
  4. When other people contribute to the group boards that you have created, it will save you time and energy.
  5. The people who can pin on your boards act as ambassadors for your brand and your followers will take note of this.
  6. Group boards are a great way to get insight into what Pinterest users really need and want. You can analyze and assess which images give you the highest engagement rate.
  7. The insights gained from group boards can help you determine and shape future marketing attempts, and further product/service development.
  8. Having your own group boards helps to make your brand seem more approachable.

As these advantages illustrate, Pinterest group boards can be enormously useful for helping businesses reach a large number of potential clients. To obtain maximum benefit, create group boards that are directly linked to your products and services, and join other popular group boards related to your business niche. Then, start pinning and watch the sales/traffic roll in!

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