Tricks to Find the Best Pinterest Group Boards & Make them Work (2017 Update)

Pinterest group boards are one of social media’s best traffic sources and that’s why they attracted so many spammers that Pinterest changed their algorithms in 2016 to reward those who use group boards properly.

As a matter of fact, group boards now work better than ever, because spamming is no longer an option and content creators actually have to come up with really good stuff to make it work.

People who know how to use group boards to their advantage have become independent of organic traffic sources to a large degree.

Who has time to wait months for search engines to rank content and then maybe send traffic their way? Everyone wants instant traffic to their quality content without having to spend time on building backlinks and social signals and all those factors that organic traffic depends on.

While you’re spending months on all that, there are people who are monetizing their best content in a variety of ways using one major traffic source, and that is Pinterest.

That’s why today we’re going to share a few actionable tips and tricks to get you started on finding the best group boards (or making your own) and getting them to work for you properly.

The advantages of group boards

Despite board postings not being as effective as before, there are still a lot of advantages of joining them. Group boards will allow you to:

– Increase the exposure to your business by pinning your own content
– Get in touch with other Pinterest users who may be interested in buying your products or services
– Find great content which you can analyze for your own content creation
-Increase your own followers and create a traffic funnel for your main website

How can you find good group boards?

While group boards are a great way to get in touch with your target audience, it can prove to be difficult to find group boards related to the niche your business caters to. Here are some simple ways to find good group boards on Pinterest.

Keyword search: To do this, simply search for ‘group boards’ + ‘(the topics of your business)’. Click on ‘boards’ at the top of the page. You will get results for group boards and individuals that have these keywords in their title or description.

Search through the boards of other pinners: Find active Pinterest users in your area of business, and look at the group boards they have joined already. You are likely to find some group boards that are relevant to your business.

Pinference:. At Pinference we help business owners connect with the right boards for their niche. You can check out our services here. We do all the work for you and get you into the best group boards.

Tricks to benefit the most from Pinterest group boards

There are some things that you should keep in mind when you are deciding to join a group board. The main aspects are:

Is the group active? Has any content been posted on the board recently?
– Does your content match the group board category?
– Does the group board have great pins? Would you repin them?

The main trick here is: the more active you are on a relevant group board, the better your own pins on the board will do.

Repin different pins from the group boards that you have joined and your own pins will start doing better too.

If you are creating your own group board, be sure to add the phrase ‘group board’ to the title. This will ensure that your group board comes up in relevant searches.

Success on Pinterest hinges on a lot of factors, including the quality of your pins, which depends on the content behind them and the image you put up. That’s why at Pinference we emphasize greatly on the image optimization guidelines we have formulated after careful analysis of the best images that have gone viral.

A done-for-you service that takes care of everything

While you can do all of the above to get going, real Pinterest growth and going viral is not easy, and we’ve spent millions on finding the formula that helps us take our Pinterest content to thousands of pins and

If you want to take advantage of our 3P system (Pinterest Penetration Protocol), you can learn more here.

Our done-for-you service takes the headache out of finding the best Pinterest boards and joining them. Moreover, we even walk you through the process of creating and publishing pins that go viral and bring in tons of traffic. You should also Browse our packages if you want to join group boards without wasting any time.

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